The Mission of St Joseph's Church is to be Christ-centred with a stong, active and committed community. How do we achieve it - by starting at the roots - namely from the education of our children. The three pillars of the community revolve around educational growth around Catholic values at the St Josephs Church, providing caring and help through our after school Centacare and getting spiritually nourished through the St Josephs Church within the Cell Parish System which integrates the community as a complete whole.

St Joseph's Church

The St Joseph's Church is a community of communities trying to strengthen the bond with the school and Centacare. It promotes close interaction between the parents, staff and parishners with the objective of developing a strong community that is alive in their faith. Many of the staff of the school interface with the parish community and are incharge of several ministries within the Parish.

The Parishoners get a common interaction point at the regular Thursday morning mass where the children, their parents and the parishoners come together to celebrate holy mass followed by a cuppa. Many interactions develop into lifelong relationships while having the commonality of a strong faith that binds these relationships. These interactions are key to realizing a cohesive and vibrant faith community.

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St Joseph's School

The St Joseph's School is an outreach of the Parish where children are inculcated Catholic values. The school tries to lay a strong foundation of faith for the children and provides a moralistic value system that the children carry with them through life. Catering to children between kindgergarten and Year 6, the school has an inbuilt program that nourishes the children's faith along with academic excellence. The Parish has been reaching out to encourage more Catholics to send their children to the school to avail of the environment that allows children to begin their journey in faith and maintain a strong bond with the Catholic value system.

"This is a school community, which has a very strong tradition of providing family and individual support. Acceptance is at the very centre of our mission. Individual growth through providing a safe, secure and achievement centred environment in partnership with the family, is the essence of this mission". Nurturing the family with strong value system, specially in these days where commercial values take precedence over spiritual and character building values, St Josephs is one of the few institutions which sees that family as the fountainhead of leading the revival of the concept of 'a family that prays together stays together'.

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Our Parish Prayer

Father pour out your spirit upon the people of this parish, so that inspired by your word, nourished at your table and graced by your empowering love, our lives may be devoted to the service of our brothers and sisters and the building up of your Kingdom. May our Parish community truly be for this place and time, the body of Christ your son through whom we make this prayer. Amen